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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Fortnite Cosplay Glider, Umbrella and Harvesting tool list

Rainbow Smash (most widely liked)

Fortnite is a wildly popular game.  Cosplay is a way for fans to show how much they like a particular hobby.  Fortnite cosplay list(will be continuously updated check back often) is a simple easy way to compile a list of gear that you can order online and wear to Comic Cons, parties or out to a chicken dinner. If you are looking for Fortnite Skins Cosplay click here.

The Glider/Umbrealla(used to enter the map) and the Harvesting Tool(used to gain resources) are the two main devices, aside from weapons, that can be used in the game.

The glider has no real world counterpart, but a how-to build guide can be found below.

**Video coming soon

Umbrellas, however, are easy to come by. Here is a list of real world items that mimic game items:


The Umbrella(Standard):
Snowflake :

Paper Parasol:
Wet Paint :
Beach :
Founders Umbrella:

Other Ideas:

White Ninja Umbrella:
Black Ninja Umbrella:
Middle Finger Umbrella:

Harvesting Tools

Harvesting tools are another item that is hard to find without replicating in a DIY fashion.  Here are a few that can be easily bought for your Fortnite Cosplay needs. Some of these will require imagination and slight modding(dye, stickers, accessories), but additional links are provided where needed. Sssniperwolf

Studded axe(basic pickax):
Studded axe and You Shouldn't have:
Studded axe and Disco Brawl:
Studded axe and  Raiders Revenge:
Studded axe and Lucky:

Tactical Spade:

Renegade Roller:
"Plunija"(Plunger and Sword):
Directors Cut:
Stop Axe(requires cutting and post):

Rainbow Smash(requires dye):
"BatSickle" Bat and Sickle:


Other Ideas:


**List Version(mm/yy): 07/18

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