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Thursday, July 26, 2018

The invisible gorilla and eat your carrots from Gringo

If you watched Gringo, a video by Amazon Studios, then you saw the constant references to gorillas Harry ironically points out in the movie. If you havent watched it you can watch it free here. As you may have guessed the references are from real world studies. 

The first one is the carrots and bananas experiment.  Richard(Ironic name, huh) tells Harry about a book he read it in.   The movie references a book titled Dear Darwin: Experiments with Apes and Man.  The experiment and book may be real, but I was unable to find any info on the book. Making a fake book cover  is pretty simple.  However, a very real book on his shelf in the scene where he displays the Dear Darwin book was The Art Of War.  The Art Of War was probably displayed to show he was a strategic businessman.  I like to provide visuals so I found a similar experiment with cucumbers and grapes. The parallel should be apparent. The short video is actually kind of funny. 

The video is about unequal pay. Obviously the sweetness of a grape is of more value to a monkey than the taste of a cucumber.  The parallel can be seen in the example from the movie about the banana and the carrot which is referenced at the end.  In the movie this example may have been substituted for continuity, simplicity and that neat ending.  Continuity of the use of gorillas sets Harry up to say the hilarious line(Im sure you were thinking), "Why is everyone talking about Gorillas!?"

Later on his wife Bonnie tells him a story about a gorilla experiment involving a ball.  I was able to find a video on this, and spotting the gorilla isn't as tricky as you may have thought. Counting the passes is a bit more tricky.  How did you do?

The final allusion is an outlier about a bear, and is similar to an old tale about a village and a tiger.  The kids in the village find a baby tiger and raise it.  The village elder warns them that the tiger should not be kept as a pet.  The people ignore the elders warnings.  A child gets injured and starts bleeding. The tiger licks the wound and the taste of blood sends him on a killing spree wiping out the village.  The bear allusion is a truncated version of that story.

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