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Friday, August 17, 2018

What were the books from "The Equalizer"?

The 2014 movie The Equalizer(if you havent watched it you can watch it at the link) was built around the idea that Washington was a closet hitman, and he had this odd fascination with reading books to honor the memory of his dead wife.  The books  he reads are used to provide a subtext to the movie.  What would Denzel do?

The first book that is introduced is The Old Man and the SeaWashington gives a brief synopsis and uses the book to explain life to the hooker he rescues that is central to the story. 

The next book is Don Quixote. While the book is not explicitly mentioned or shown, the overview he tells the hooker he is saving while walking her home from the dinner makes it pretty obvious.

The final book is Invisible Man. This book is interesting because it is shown at the very end of the movie.  At first you might not think about the book because the title sorta fits with Washington's persona.  He was essentially the invisible or underestimated man throughout the story.   But when you look at that book it "chronicles the travels of its narrator, a young, nameless black man, as he moves through the hellish levels of American intolerance and cultural blindness."  The current affairs of the time were all about race with Obama recently winning the 2012 election and a few other notable events going on throughout the country.  It makes the inclusion of the book even more poignant.

Be on the lookout for the books from the upcoming The Equalizer 2. EQ2 starts off with Washington reading a book on a train.  I wonder what significance the books in EQ2 will have for the story and for commentary on current events.

What books are in The Equalizer 2?

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