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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What is an ISMI Catcher(Stingray)

What is an ISMI Catcher, and how can it affect me?

What is an ISMI Catcher?
An ISMI Catcher is International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catcher most commonly referred to as the model name of “Stingray”. Here is a leaked user manual.

Well what is am ISMI?
An ISMI is a number that can be used to identify you. The ISMI Catcher can also be used to find your phones IMEI which tells the ISMI Catcher exactly what phone you are using and what kind of chipsets it has which lets them know what vulnerabilities your phone is susceptible to.
This doesnt happen around me…right? According to the ACLU its all over the US and down to the LOCAL POLICE LEVEL and of course your alphabet agencies who of course claim they dont need a warrant if you are in public.
Ya, but they wouldnt use it on ME...right? There is the big privacy rights issue regarding this. They cant target individuals with this technology. If they use it in an area that they deem necessary they collect on EVERYBODY. Say you go to a gathering and a domestic terror group like BLM is there. The fuzz flips one of these on and your traffic is compromised too. All traffic within the range of the device(usually in a large SUV) is collected and sorted through.

Other uses include but are not limited to:
- Driving around looking for a specific ISMI to serve a warrant(they are using them with AIRPLANES).
- Scanning at protests to ID participants
- Looking for stolen mobiles
- Confirming a targets location prior to “direct action”
- Location tracking within 20 meters.

ISMI Catchers have two basic modes.
Passive Mode: is the most common and the hardest to detect. Basically, it turns all your phone traffic into a radio station they can tune into. What you are saying on voice, what you are texting or what you are looking at on the internet(this is where my simple increased encryption layers article is useful). THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!

Active Mode: is a bit more difficult and can take control of your phone. Taking control of a phone usually requires an entry point. So you might get a weird text with a link in it and when you click it nothing will happen or you go check the info it says and it is inaccurate that would be the entry point. Law enforcement(even at the fed level) is unlikely to do this. Active mode is more of a criminal act or CIA/NSA level of involvement.

How do you know if your phone is affected?
Here are a few simple tests that MIGHT mean your are being snooped.

-Phone warms up when not in use(Could also be updates. Dont freak out.)
-Battery drains faster than normal
-Degraded data – CURRENTLY, It is almost impossible for hackers to pull data out of your phone in LTE aside from get your IMSI and gps coordinates(tracking).
-Degraded voice
-No 911 service
-If you send a text the receiver gets it from a number(4 digits or so) other than yours(good way to test)

From my research in going thru hours of black hat hackers talking about how to hack with these devices, it appears that 4G needs to be downgraded in order to get into. One thing to look for is loss of 4G when it really shouldnt be gone and it doesnt come back regardless of moving location. The attack sends a signal to your phone which tells it that there is an issue with the network and only 2G is available. When this happens your phone will not go back into 4G with out a restart. When was the last time you restarted your phone? Another issue with the ISMI Catchers is they read the data because it isnt encrypted. Using end to end encryption apps for things like calls and texts and general phone traffic is pretty simple. It also ties into stopping Google from spying on your phone(<--article HIGHLY recommended) and becoming a google ghost. The transition is seamless.

You can also get apps to help you detect these devices, but their effectiveness is debatable because the technology is constantly evolving and require
s you to pay attention and take action. But the apps could be useful in certain large cities where they might get used frequently(DC, Chicago, Boston, NYC, ect… Check out the links to take the red pill). I would like someone at a Portland(pretty sure they use them there) style rally to test the software to see how effective it is.

AISMICD – (only available thru side loading) Not Recommended.
SnoopSnitch – on Gplay but limited without root and Qualcomm chipset. If you dont know what those are dont bother downloading. Not recommended.
CellSpy Catcher – Seems to be the easiest, Try this one.

How the app works is you would need to detect anomalies in towers. After some time you would need to compare the data against known data and the app would be able to recognize anomalies in cell towers strength based on location(they can mimic towers) and new unknown towers that might pop up on a regular root.

Ok, but only the good guys have these cuz they are illegal...right?
LOL, really? Anyone with a little bit of cash and know how from spoofing rings to foreign spies and you can even make one at home or really build one.

How could I get around it?
A Faraday cage blocks electromagnetic signals aside from light. It is kind of like a shield on a space ship common in scifi movies. The enemy fires a colorful ball at the ship and the ball hits the shield and is dispersed around the ship. Aside from the excessive camera shaking that is generally how it works. The only real difference is that the shield works both ways. Nothing goes in and nothing comes out. No return fire. So this is best when you are sleeping or traveling to a location incognito.
Home Faraday cage options:

DIY fabric if you want to build a portable option.

Ignorance is bliss, huh? You dont realize what is happening around you until you start seeing it. It is kind of like in a movie when a character does odd things then information is revealed later that explains their odd behavior. Are you ready to do something about it? Take a step toward breakingfree from these basic rights violations by the government and thetech industry.

Shot Caller movie books revealed!

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