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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Where to buy The Simply Co products

I like other Americans was curious who Greta Thunberg(you know, like everything else the kids today are into a "90s remake" of Severn Suzuki) was and why this foreign child was given an audience with our government representatives. After learning how disturbed young Greta was from being indoctrinated by climate change doomsday propaganda, I came across a TED talk by Lauren Singer. As soon as she held up a mason jar and said that it was three years of trash, my BS detector went off. She continued on about how she DIYed her products to reduce waste and in general reduced her consumption of things by reducing what she had and buying secondhand. She continued on about starting a company called The Simply Co. as a way to reduce plastic waste. Think about it. You are going to start a company with a philosophy of buying less. It just didnt make sense. So I began to look into it.

The Simply Co. was started by Lauren Singer a self described “eco warrior” or as I call them “eco terrorsts” similar to the Dayton, El Paso, Christchurch and Galic Fest shooters. It started out as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $10,000 on 10/29/2014. It appears to have made its original goal of $10,000 in 48 hours. The goal was changed to $40,000 and the campaign ended up gathering a total of $41,719 from 820 backers by 11/28/2019. It began shipping items in 06/15/2015.(S)

Many people complained to not have received their items as of sometime in 2016. Others complained they were receiving items "almost 2 years" after the campaign completed. While others complained that they ended up spending "$172 for a t-shirt...and a cotton tote." in addition to original price of the detergent. By 2016 a few people were still complaining of not receiving their products or refunds. No further Kickstarter posts were visible beyond 2016. Instagram has a post of a person trying to order on 08/19/2017 and a reply saying they were out of stock. Instagram also has multiple unanswered posts looking for purchasing options in 2019 with no responses.(S)

The worst part was the detergent only had THREE ingredients. BakingSoda, Washing Soda and Castile Soap(and Lavender if scented) Click the links you can see prices for probably a years worth of product if you mixed yourself because you only use a tablespoon per load. So for a one month supply at $25 PLUS SHIPPING you can have $5 worth of product! People are SOOOOOOOooooo gullible. She raised $10k in 48 hours! With $40 you could make around 8lbs or more of powdered ALL NATURAL detergent. The craziest part is this combination isnt even that good and will make your whites dingy. There is a better DIY version here if you want something that has been refined.

The Simply Co Twitter was started in May 2014. It made a final post on 02/13/2017 with a total of 2.6k followers.(S)
The Simply Co's last Facebook post was 01/08/2018 with 30.1k likes.(S) The Facebook page’s pinned post claims that Package Free Shop sells The Simply Co items “in bulk”. A quick search of the site does not yield any items with The Simply Co brand. A search only returns “Natural Wool Dryer Balls”.
The Simply Co YouTube was started in May 2014. it made its last post on 05/02/2016. The account has 813 subscribers with 2 videos and 19.3k views.(S)
The Simply Co Instagram has 49k followers and 603 posts with a final post on 01/19/2018. website redirects to which appears to be an unrelated Amazon affiliate link site that directs to multiple organic detergents and random bed options. The smart move would have been to redirect traffic from TheSimplyCo to her new endeavor PackageFreeShop.

The Simply Co appears to be completely dead 2 years after its creation despite a full media blitz. Singer appeared on every major news show, a 13 minute Ted Talk in 2015(where she claims to put 3 years of waste into a 16 oz mason jar.) and the usual sites when it comes to promoting “green living”. The entire media campaign was very “feelsy” and seemed like it lacked substance and was all marketing. It all reminds me of when I compared the AquagearPitcher to the Propur pitcher. Aquagear has a very “feelsy” marketing campaign and filters were $10 more than the Propur. Today there are no products and no website for The Simply Co aside from a neglected social media presence and a mere mention as Lauren being the founder of the “company” on her blog, Wikipedia and LinkedIn.

Lauren Singer currently is a blogger at “trashisfortossers” which appears to just be a way to drive traffic to PackageFreeShop her latest company that also has a location in Brooklyn, New York. She is one of those Instagram/Pintrest people that makes hippie type things(Van dwelling, odd ways of recycling, ect) look glamorous. Her PFS social media presence has much more traffic with about ~4-5m views of a bunch of 1-2 minute videos.

Once again the idea behind the store is a poor business model. It is all about minimalism and not buying stuff. Having a store front is probably the worst part of the business model. PFS was started in 2017 along with some zero waste fashion designer(HYPOCRISY! Fashion runs on a seasonal rotation), and just as before, she made the appearances on all the MSM shows. The biggest issue is this is not the era of the storefront it is the era of the webfront. Even PFS lacks wide distribution to make it last. There is ZERO presence of their products(because they really dont have anything they just sell other peoples crap and rebrand Chinese items) on Amazon, BUT there are similar products and more variety available on Amazon. I would imagine the most popular items on FPS are below and here is how much you can save on Amazon.

Item – Savings:
BambooToothbrush(similar item) - $3 per brush with a 4.5* rating
MeowMeowTweetdeodorant - $0 same Price
Soap - $2 from manufacturer(which is odd MSRP usually has a built in profit for resellers)
And tons of overpriced wood products. ($6 door stop…)
Dental Lace floss was $2 cheaper on PFS.
It is kind of funny because you are supposed to be able to save 15% by reducing the packaging cost, but at this store you typically spend more.
You know what the kicker is?  PFS DOESNT sell any detergent. Amazon does.  Try Charlies.

The basic answer is there is no more The Simply Co, but for low priced more environmentally friendly products Amazon is there. 

The idea of zero waste is kind of lost in having a traditional storefront. Bea Johnson was mentioned by Singer in her Ted talk. A year later Bea Johnson mentions the people she has inspired from her book one of which has a small zero waste shop. Johnson does not mention Singer. I wonder if there is drama there?

It was an interesting journey. Hope you liked it.  

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