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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

How to stop google tracking on your phone and be more anonymous

How to make your phone more anonymous

This guide will deal only with Android based apps and operating systems. If you have an Apple product then you are on your own...along with Apple and China.
Why is kicking out big tech an issue if you have nothing to hide? Glenn Greenwald had an interesting take on it in a TED talk.
I always say the same thing to them. I write down my email address and I say, ‘Email me the passwords to all of your email accounts. I want to read what I want to read and publish whatever I find interesting. After all, if you’re not a bad person, you should have nothing to hide.
Then we have the head of Google Schmidt saying stuff like,
If you are doing something that you dont want people to know then maybe you shouldnt be doing it in the first place.”
THE HEAD OF GOOGLE… Schmidt RESTRICTS his employees from talking to press, but tells you to not worry about what his company knows about YOU. The most recent Google whistle blower(Vorhies) confirms the type of stuff “conspiracy nuts” have been warning about for years.
Zuckerberg bought his house and all four adjacent houses for PRIVACY. Have you read the Facebook TOS lately? FacebookMessenger censors your PRIVATE messages and has been doingit for years.
Why else?
Apple and Google have sold out to China. China is using a “social credit score” to restrict the Chinese from traveling and using the basic monetary system. Facebook is establishing its own Supreme Court for content AND its own crypto-currency. They are setting up their globalist technocracy right under our noses.

Operating system:
There are two secure options available. Copperhead and Lineage. Lineage is by far the most widely used system because it works on the majority of phones. Copperhead is primarily for Nexus and Pixels and more of a corporate option. Lineage appears to have the most vibrant community which is good because there is tons of support. The Pixel 3a(<--You would need this specific model) is currently the best option to use Lineage on.  Not because it is the newest, but because it has a better track record than the other Pixels, an amazing camera and it is priced right.  The best way to get G-free apps is to side load the F-droid app store(super easy).  

What apps can you use that to replace Google services? I will make a list of things that I have found to be useful, and you can use the “Ctrl+F” search of the page or “find on page” option on mobile to replace your particular app. Some of the apps can be obtained on the Google app store, but I highly recommend getting them from the F-droid store, but if you want try them out then get them on the G app store.

Chrome/ Browser – Brave (Tor Browser for increased online anonymity, much slower)
Podcasts – AntennaPod
Messenger – Signal (works on Iphone too)
YouTube – NewPipe(F Droid) or LBRY
Gmail – ProtonMail (works on Iphone too)
RSS Reader(news) – Feeder(F Droid)
Google Keep(notes) Notepad(F Droid)
Media(audio/Video) Player - VLC 
Google Maps – OSMand(This one will be rough. You will need to know the actual address and lose features like near me or searching by business names(lookup addresses on web. Ever wonder why websites have store locators still?), but actual navigation is really good. Small price?)
Orbot is a app to use that can send the apps traffic(you might like but cant find an alternative) thru the Tot network and act as a VPN for your data.

Level 1:
Are you ready to become a google ghost? It might seem like a lot of info and stuff to think about. Just remember, the longest journeys starts with a single step, or three in this case. So lets start with a browser that kicks google, ads and invasive cookies out.
Brave – Has a simple import function and can even be synced with a desktop build(dont forget to get the desktop version) like Chrome, but that kinda defeats the point, right? Here is the key. Make sure to change the search engine to “DuckDuckGo” instead of Google. Google has been caught manipulating search results aside from paid results but in general to change subconscious perception of ideas they dont agree with and the most damaging being voting.

Then lets switch over to a messenger app that doesnt leave a copy on the google server and uses end to end encryption(assuming the receiver has the app as well, SPREAD THE WORD!).
Signal - When you switch over to Signal as default messenger then it will delete all the texts on your previous default messenger. Make sure there arent any old messages you need(screencap any needed) then make it default. Make sure to get your friends to switch because it can only end to end encrypt if they are using signal as well! SPREAD THE WORD! Share this article. I wrote this because there isnt a good comprehensive start point for this type of move.

Over time slowly migrate your emails that come in to the new email that doesnt read your contents and keeps the traffic encrypted.
ProtonMail – Google can find out tons about you by monitoring your online purchases and basic metadata. Also, with this make sure to delete any old unused accounts especially ones you have made purchases with(Have a Redbox account out there?). Security breaches are becoming more and more frequent. It is a good time to cut those loose ends.

Those three steps are simple and painless(well except the email). Try them! “People who dont move wont notice their chains.” -Unknown

If you find this info interesting and would like to learn about ISMI Catchersand cell tower spoofing. Signal and Orbot utilize encryption that can prevent the data ISMIs intercept from being decrypted. The switch has a two fold affect. 

What is the next step? Are you ready for Level 2?

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